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How to Change & Recover Outlook PST Password?

How to Change & Recover Outlook PST Password?

Expectation customers secure their PST documents with passwords to protect their information as they may have essential individual, financial, and also company information. Yet often, they might need to transform the old password, primarily after sharing the password with somebody else for some short-term needs. Expectation provides a choice to alter the old password. However this feature is not valuable if you don't know the old password. In that situation, just a specialist password healing device can be helpful. How to change PST password if you know the old password? Changing the PST password is easy if you know its old password. This is how you can do it in MS Outlook. Step 1 Open your MS Outlook application. Click on the File Tab. Click Account Settings and then click Account Settings again.

Step 2 In the newly opened dialogue box Account Settings, click the Data Files tab. Select your Outlook PST file and click Settings.

Step 3 A dialogue box named Outlook Data File is opened. Click Change Password.

Step 4 You can create a new password for the PST file in the Change Password dialogue box. Click OK.

Hence, your PST file is now protected with the password chosen by you. It will ask for the password, whenever you try to access your PST file. So it is suitable if you note your password for future use.

What happens when you forget PST passwords?

Many Outlook users forget PST file password. When they try to access the file with a wrong password, a notification displays like this – The password you have typed is incorrect. Retype the password.

Use Outlook Password Recovery tool to change the PST passwords

When you forget your PST passwords, the most effective alternative is to make use of a password recovery device. While, discussing Expectation password recovery tool, one of the most prominent name is Kernel Expectation Password Recovery device. It is a user friendly tool that recovers forgotten Outlook passwords within a click. Also, you have the option to transform the password.

Some prominent features of the tool are: • Free tool. No need to purchase it to recover password of PST files upto 500 MB size. • Simple user interface for the convenience of non-technical users. • Instant password recovery without any data loss. • Recovers multilingual passwords too. • Provides a different working password for highly encrypted files. To understand how Kernel Outlook Password Recovery tool works, go through the following steps. 1. Click Add files and select the PST file for which password is to be changed. Click Set New Password. It will open a dialogue box asking to set a new password for the PST file.

If you know the old password, you can change the PST file password using Outlook. But if you have forgotten the old password, just try MS Outlook Password Recovery tool. It is a simple solution for Outlook password resetting. If you have any qwery about your Outlook Password Recovery ? You can call us on provided number. We provide Microsoft Office technical support through our toll-free number 180-027-0860